Dr. Pritpal S. Tamber


Community Health, Innovation, Technology, Medical Publishing

“Cross-sector efforts are only sustainable when community residents are at the table as equal partners but getting the process right is key to long-term success.”

Pritpal combines his expertise in clinical evidence and community health to provide guidance on population health strategies. Our clients benefit from Pritpal’s deep understanding of research methodologies to help ascertain whether ‘evidence’ from other health care organizations can be applied to their population health work.

Alongside his work as a consultant in clinical evidence, Pritpal has explored the disconnect between health care and communities, especially those enduring poverty and exclusion. Organized under different projects in the US and the UK, he has developed a deep understanding of the challenges that often surface during ‘community engagement’.

Pritpal has years of experience in building arguments to convince physicians to change. An eloquent conveyor of complex, evidence-based arguments, through his career he has made the case for open access publishing, changing patient pathways on the basis of clinical evidence, and, more recently, on the clinical rationale for greater community voice in population health strategies. He’s also a regular keynote speaker.

Pritpal holds an MBChB, a UK equivalent of an MD.

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