Dr. Pritpal S. Tamber


Community Health, Innovation, Technology, Medical Publishing

“Cross-sector efforts are only sustainable when community residents are at the table as equal partners. Getting the process right is key to long-term success.”

Pritpal combines his expertise in clinical evidence and community health to provide guidance on population health strategies. Our clients benefit from his deep understanding of research methodologies to help ascertain whether evidence from other health care organizations can be applied to their population health work.

Pritpal is a former physician and spent the first 12 years of his non-clinical career as a medical editor and publisher. Trained at The BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal), his work has included running a service that identified the small number of research articles that matter to clinical practice and publishing ‘clinical pathways’ that aimed to improve the flow of patients through health care, partly through integration with electronic medical records.

He became an independent consultant in 2012 with a focus on innovation in health care. In that capacity, he was the Physician Editor of TEDMED and has advised numerous organizations, including the New England Journal of Medicine Group.

Pritpal has also conducted independent research into the realities of bridging the health sector and communities. His work is fueled by the insight that health care in high-income countries is increasingly unsustainable because clinical science and practice fail to appreciate how people and communities understand their health. He is a regular keynote speaker on these topics.

Pritpal holds an MBChB, a UK equivalent of an MD.

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