Nathan Lampenfeld


Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Assessment Design and Analysis, Strategy Development

“I focus on the intersection between policy and research to design robust assessment frameworks that provide meaningful insights. This deep analysis helps clients deliver positive health outcomes for all their stakeholders.”

Nathan joined Collaborative Consulting to develop and implement new and proven solutions that overcome the many obstacles embedded in public health, human services, and healthy aging.

His knowledge of emerging health-related strategies helps clients operate at their best while also improving the lives of underserved and under-resourced populations.

With years of experience in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methodology research, Nathan draws on both education and practice in his design and evaluation process, balancing elevated visual appeal, data-driven content, and simple functionality to produce user-friendly client deliverables.

Nathan earned both his Bachelor of Biological Science degree and his Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

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