While there are many hallmarks of a great partnership – shared values, strong communication, trust, and more – we’ve found that every great cross-sector partnership begins with a structured process to customer-first service model design. Nowhere is this more true than at community-based organizations, where a new clientele with new needs requires a new model for delivering and pricing services.”

In the American Society on Aging’s new Field Guide to Managed Care: A Primer, I write about why it is critical for community organizations to begin the partnership process with model design, and provide a step-by-step primer for doing this then securing the right partnerships to translate the design into delivery.

Read our article, “Developing a Model Concept and Clientele, with Potential Partners and Services” in the ASA’s Field to Managed Care. Then be sure to dive into the rest of this valuable 70-page resource for aging services providers for more ideas, approaches and case studies to inspire your own managed care strategy.