We believe that community-based organizations (CBOs) are vital players in transforming and improving how we provide health services for and meet the growing needs of our communities. But healthcare providers, payers, and CBOs have historically operated as separate care delivery systems, in which the responsibility for communicating and sharing information among providers has been on the end consumer.

We can do better, right?

Healthcare organizations, CBOs, and long-term services and support providers are in the midst of an overhaul, and are being called upon to engage in their transformation to a new, foundational way of working. The environment is ripe for healthcare organizations to embrace CBOs to close the gap between fragmented and patient-centered care and evolve so they can provide better care for their communities. The principle challenge in this evolution is inevitably translating ideas to action, which requires replacing old behavior with new ways of working.

Hit the Download button at the top of this post to read through Building the Business Case: Community Organizations Responding to the Changing Healthcare Environment, which we authored in collaboration with N3C and The SCAN Foundation, to explore several opportunities and actionable ideas to frame a joining of forces between healthcare leaders and CBOs.