Who We Help

We work with organizations that deliver or invest in healthcare, public health, and human services — and are committed to creating better futures for the people they serve.

Federal, state, and local government

We help government agencies and departments drive positive change by setting and implementing long-term strategies and actionable plans to meet the needs of their populations — especially in the face of demographic and social changes. Our clients gain a better understanding of their constituents, identify areas for systems-level opportunities, and bring multiple stakeholders together around key local, regional, or national health and social care challenges.

Foundations and associations

We help foundations and associations identify near- and long-term strategies for maximizing impact — for themselves and for the organizations or members they support. We support foundation and association clients to align their leaders around a shared vision for the future, understand their constituents better, and implement initiatives for building the capacity needed internally and across their network of stakeholders.

Healthcare providers and payers

We help providers and payers identify ways to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. We focus on helping healthcare organizations build effective cross-sector partnerships with community organizations that address the social conditions and needs that influence health and healthcare outcomes.

Community-based organizations

We help CBOs assess and understand market trends, government policies, and the changing needs of the people they serve; identify strategic opportunities for new programs and services; and build the internal capabilities to implement high-impact strategies to improve their communities.