The Aging and Disability Business Institute at the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) recently announced the availability of four new assessments, developed with Collaborative Consulting. These four new tools build on our partnership readiness assessment to provide community-based organizations (CBOs) with a robust suite of self-service tools for working with healthcare providers and payers.

The new tools are available for free on the Business Institute’s website (registration required), and are designed to guide CBOs through four different assessment processes:

  • External Market Assessment: Helps organizations better understand the healthcare landscape, identify market trends and recognize major players in the market. Having this information will help inform an organization’s strategy to approaching partnerships and contracts.
  • Opportunity Assessment: Provides a framework for capturing initial ideas for partnership opportunities and helps organizations revisit and assess both initial and new opportunities to help organizations decide which opportunities to prioritize and pursue.
  • Competitor Analysis: Guides organizations through a process for identifying and understanding competitors in their local markets, with the goal of helping CBOs position themselves to secure partnerships by differentiating themselves from others.
  • Building the Business Case for Partnership: Helps organizations develop a compelling case for a partnership in order to gain the interest of a partner and increase the likelihood of continued conversations and engagement.

You can learn more and download all four of these new tools – along with the readiness assessment and the Business Institute’s other resources for aging and disability CBOs – at their site.

But first, we want to offer a look at just one of the tools – Competitor Analysis – to help you better understand how valuable assessments like these can be in helping your team prepare for successful cross-sector partnering.

The Competitor Analysis in particular will help you identify a broad range of competitive alternatives – from traditional competitors like other CBOs, to non-traditional competitors like for profit businesses and startups, to situations in which your prospective healthcare partners might choose to build rather than buy. And it will help you understand how these other organizations in your market might compete the same partnership opportunities you seek, so that you can effectively differentiate your own solutions.

Download the Assessment

If you’d like to complete the full assessment for your own organization, you can download the complete tool here.


If you’d like to know more about how you can act on what you learn from assessing your own organization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.