Capacity Building, Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Building Business Acumen for Better Medical-Social Partnerships

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Since 2013, The SCAN Foundation’s Linkage Lab Academy has been helping California community based organizations (CBOs) increase business acumen and develop other internal organizational capabilities necessary for productive partnerships with health care payers and providers. We’ve had the privilege of supporting The Scan Foundation in their efforts by delivering a custom, onsite capacity building program that enabled them to position their CBO grantees for these partnerships.

Based on our first-hand view of this work and its results, we shared the stories of a first cohort of six CBOs in 2015. Since then, an additional six CBOs have participated in a second cohort – each pursuing opportunities, facing challenges, learning lessons, and achieving successes. For some of these CBOs, participation resulted in new contracts with payers or providers. For all of them, the business competencies gained have prepared them to think differently about their services, create more value in the system of health, and grow awareness within the healthcare system around their expertise in addressing the social determinants of health.

While any organization’s results may be specific to that organization, understanding the strategies they chose, the processes they followed, and the lessons they learned can be benefit any organization. With that in mind, we’re pleased to share the case studies we co-wrote to showcase the work done by the second set of Linkage Lab grantees.

You can access the latest batch of Linkage Labs case studies on The SCAN Foundation website or download a copy here.

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Lori Peterson

Lori launched Collaborative Consulting in 2010. With experience in the healthcare industry and a psychology and organizational development background, Lori’s focus areas include cross-sector partnership development, multi-stakeholder initiative design and facilitation, and change activation and implementation.