No canned approach here. For our clients, every strategy, alliance and service model is custom-made.

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Healthcare Business Strategy and Implementation

Strategic thinking – and doing – is at the core of our work. This isn’t the type of strategy that sits on a shelf in a binder. With our team’s depth of knowledge in the health and social sectors, along with expertise in finance, entrepreneurship and organizational development, we provide a customized approach for incorporating external and internal assessments, design thinking methods, leadership strategy sessions, and implementation plans so your strategy fits your objectives and won’t collect dust as the sector continues to change.

Multi-Provider and Cross-Sector Partnership Creation

The healthcare system is in transition from more is better to better is better, from individual organization to system incentive, and from my patient to our population. To successfully navigate these changes, health and social organizations must work together to launch and sustain lasting initiatives and to introduce new models for coordinated care. This requires a willingness and ability to forge productive and mutually beneficial relationships and a deep understanding of the mechanics of partnership development across the entire healthcare continuum. We can help you design and develop multi-provider and cross-sector partnerships that enable you to provide a better experience for patients, achieve better outcomes across populations, and attain optimal performance for your organization.

Healthcare Organization Change Management

Organizational Development and Change Management

A strategy or idea can sound great on paper, but to succeed, it needs to work in practice. Enter: the human element. With change sweeping the industry and a plan to adapt your organization along with it, a critical factor to your success lies with effective change activation and a deep understanding of the role your organizational culture plays in implementing your new strategies or service models. To ensure the sustainability of your strategic initiatives, we can support you with organizational restructuring, capacity and skill building, operational improvement, leadership development and coaching and board development.

Custom Service Model Design

Put your thinking cap on. When healthcare providers and community-based organizations come to us with questions like, “How should we position ourselves to adapt to whatever is coming next?” this is where things get really interesting. When the strategic objective shifts from ‘optimize’ to ‘innovate,’ we work with you to create and implement new service models and programs designed to future-proof your business and better serve your patient population ahead of the moment when what’s next becomes what’s now.

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