As consultants helping healthcare professionals and social care leaders navigate the unprecedented waves of change in the health sector, we spend a lot of time asking questions. Sometimes, these questions prompt our clients and their partners to look inward and address issues and needs within their organizations or existing business models. Sometimes, these questions are big-picture, when we’re getting to the heart of what the future state of health should look like. And sometimes, these questions are all about deciphering exactly what makes one organization successful so we can empower others to replicate that success.

In our recent article from Aging Today, a publication from the American Society on Aging, we pose several questions geared toward understanding how progressive community-based organizations (CBOs) are doing things differently to achieve strong results.

We’ve identified three categories of focus that seem to help CBOs stand apart. Successful CBOs:

  • Assess internal readiness
  • Build awareness externally
  • Create value in the healthcare system

To learn more about what’s making CBOs flourish in an uncertain time of change, visit Aging Today to read the article.