Victor Tabbush


Healthcare Economics, Business Case Development, Cross-Sector Partnerships, Capacity Building

Today’s complex healthcare challenges call for innovative solutions that are possible only when the health and social sectors work together. I’m committed to helping organizations build the capacities they’ll need to develop viable partnership strategies.

Victor is a senior consultant who helps health and social care organizations gain the business acumen necessary for developing cross-sector solutions to meet the needs of high-need, high-cost populations. Our clients value his deep expertise in business and economics, his proven methods for enabling healthcare organizations and their community partners to create mutually beneficial arrangements to fund the delivery of services, and his firm commitment to leadership and management capacity building.

Victor has deep expertise in the planning, negotiating, implementing, and measuring of  productive partnerships that transform healthcare delivery. He led the development of the Linkage Lab, a program we launched in 2013 on behalf of The SCAN Foundation to build the business acumen of community-based organizations. Since then, he’s worked with us to apply learning from the Linkage Lab toward various multi-year engagements with other foundations, associations, and government entities for whom we have designed and delivered capacity-building initiatives focused development on areas  ranging from healthcare market research and business case development to leadership and change management.

He has provided our clients with instrumental capacity-building assistance, financial and strategic guidance, and practical tools, including his widely used calculator to help cross-sector partners design financially viable agreements to fund the delivery of social services. His work has also been supported by national and state foundations and associations who are interested in creating a more coordinated and integrated approach to health and healthcare delivery.

Victor earned his doctorate in economics from UCLA and is Adjunct Professor Emeritus at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is the founding director of the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Management Development Institute, which builds management and leadership capacity of health systems in sub-Saharan Africa and the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive program serving US community clinics and AIDS service organizations.