Erin Lockwood


Market Research, Data Analysis, Strategy, Network Development, Implementation, Project Management

“The way we define and approach the system of health is changing for the better, resulting in numerous opportunities and big ideas. I am committed to working with our clients to start with a big idea and break it down into a process with actionable steps to achieve the desired outcomes.”

Erin views better integration across the medical and social care sectors as a priority strategy for improving population health. This drives her passion for helping our clients broaden their reach within their organization and across the continuum of care.

Erin has a keen understanding of data and applies this skill to understand the root causes of presenting issues, and then works with clients to problem-solve toward a data-driven solution. She has extensive knowledge of healthcare reform and transformation efforts. She is also a skilled researcher and project manager. This combination of skills enables Erin to take a multi-faceted approach to break down complex issues and/or ideas and turn them into an actionable process that is easy to understand and execute.

She has over ten years of experience working for and with health and social care organizations. Her most recent experience includes working for a healthcare payer to manage and evaluate value-based contracts and innovative pilot programs.

Erin earned her Bachelor of Science from Wittenberg University and her Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health from Benedictine University. She is also a trained and certified project manager.

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