Lori Peterson


Strategy, Cross-Sector Partnership Development, Facilitation

“The way we approach our role as consultants differs from the typical. We believe the health space has potential to be better. But we aren’t healthcare idealists. With creativity, collaboration, and a ‘we can get there’ mindset, we are working every day to help our clients reinvent themselves as health and social care continues to change.”

If Collaborative Consulting works at the heart of medical-social integration, Lori works at the heart of Collaborative Consulting.

She launched the firm in 2010 when healthcare reform was still on the horizon and most health sector leaders felt a deep sense of uncertainty. With massive changes looming, Lori understood that the major challenge facing health and social care organizations would be reinvention, not the preservation of the status quo.

Given her 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and a background in psychology and organizational development, Lori’s expertise ranges from business development to strategic partnerships, cross-sector collaborative development to multi-stakeholder facilitation, new service design to change activation and implementation.

Lori draws on her unique knowledge and experience to help health and social care providers achieve their potential amid complex change and translate new models of care and reimbursement structures into viable opportunities for growth. With her deep understanding of the dynamics of change, Lori is adept at helping clients become comfortable with new ways of operating. Lori is also active in the aging services community and highly motivated to foster progressive change within post-acute and elder care.

Lori earned her Bachelor of Science in physiology from Kansas State University and her Master of Arts in psychology from Sonoma State University. She is also a trained facilitator who feeds her thirst for new knowledge by participating in organizational development courses and workshops.

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