We are excited to announce that Collaborative Consulting has become a member in two great organizations: Business Innovation Factory and The Root Cause Coalition.

We’re also excited to share why we’ve established these partnerships, and how we hope to pass along new value to our clients and collaborators as a result of our involvement with Business Innovation Factory (BIF) and The Root Cause Coalition.

In our work with organizations in the system of health we consistently find that three characteristics shape an organization’s ability to thrive amid sweeping changes. The three characteristics are:

  • A constant commitment to building organizational capacity, especially at a time when new realities require new skills;
  • An ability to connect what’s happening externally in the broader health and social sectors to the action leaders can activate inside their own organization to serve their communities and clients better; and
  • Engaging with others outside the organization, around the industry, and across multiple sectors through meaningful, productive relationships and partnerships grounded in the sharing of knowledge, skills, perspectives and experiences.

These are more than principles we preach. They are practices by which we operate our own business every day. Our partnerships with BIF, Root Cause, and each organization’s broad ecosystem of members represent moves we are taking to address, embrace, and achieve the potential of a better system of health.

Let’s take a deeper look at each organization, why we’re members, and how we plan to apply the benefits of membership to our work.

Business Innovation Factory

Business Innovation Factory believes that next practices and business model innovation are critical for transforming our most important social systems including healthcare, education and public service. They partner with institutional leaders to design and test new models in the real world. Given our own work with clients that are actively pursuing “what’s next” in the system of health, we see clear alignment between the work we do and the work BIF does. Just as importantly, in getting to know the BIF team, we’ve seen a shared passion for helping health system leaders join forces with community organization leaders to establish transformative health models.

As a Business Innovation Factory member, we will have access to new practices, fresh approaches, and new techniques in business model design, human centered design, and fostering innovation. We will also have more visibility into how these approaches have been successfully applied beyond the world of health, gleaning fresh ideas that we can bring to our clients.

The Root Cause Coalition

ProMedica and AARP Foundation founded The Root Cause Coalition to address the root causes of health disparities by focusing on hunger and other social determinants leading to nationwide epidemic of preventable chronic health conditions. This national non-profit brings together healthcare and community organization leaders to launch strategies that will create positive change, improve individual wellbeing, and deliver sustainable results.

With a diverse roster of members that spans health systems, insurers, community organizations, and health-focused associations, The Root Cause Coalition is putting into practice our core belief that cross-sector partnerships are essential for bringing about better experiences for consumers of health services and better outcomes for entire populations. This, along with their clear focus on social determinants of health, positions Root Cause at the heart of critical issues we address with our clients every day. As a member, we have a unique opportunity to share our own insights and experiences with our new collaborators, and an equally unique opportunity to bring our clients richer perspectives, practical strategies, and applicable lessons drawn from the research and work Root Cause and its members are doing across the entire spectrum of health.

We think you’d agree that these memberships build our own capacity with fresh techniques and fresh perspectives, connect with what’s happening across and beyond the entire sector, and forge meaningful new relationships with a diverse set of players who share our passion for building a better system of health. We look forward to partnering with BIF and Root Cause, their member ecosystems, and ultimately our own clients and collaborators to improve business models for today and take confident strides toward what’s next in health.